2020.05 Fan Song was selected for an internship at LabCorp. Congratulations!
2020.05 Huijue Lvu joined us as a PhD student, welcome!
2020.05 Mikoto Kobayashi and Lena Stasiak joined us as Research Technologists, welcome!
2020.01 Dr. Ye Hou joined the lab as postdoctral fellow, welcome!
2019.07 Dr. Yu Luan joined the lab as postdoctral fellow, welcome!
2019.07 Our lab moved from Penn State to Northwestern University in July, 2019. [News release]
2017.09.01 We received a Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA, R35) from NIGMS/NIH!
2017.08.14 Tarik Salameh passed his comphrehensive exam.
2017.07.14 Tarik Salameh received a NIH B2D2K training grant.
2017.07.11 Fan Song received a NIH CBIOS training grant.
2017.05.26 The first graduate student in Yue lab, Miss. Yanli Wang, defended her Ph.D. thesis after only 3.5 years! CONGRATULATIONS!
2016.10.16 Dr. Yue organized and chaired a jointed ENCODE and 4DN workshop in ASHG2016 on 3D Genome Organization and Chromatin Interaction
2016.06.20 We are awarded a grant from the Leukemia Research Foundation!
2016.06.8-10 Dr. Yue co-organized a three-day ENCODE Users' Meeting in Stanford. Here is the link for videos and slides.
2016.04.21 Dr. Yue chaired an ENCODE Data Analysis and Visualization workshop in the Keystone Symposia on Epigenetics and Chromatin
2016.02.04 Dr. Hongbo Yang gave selected talks in Epigenomics 2016, a special international meeting on epigenomics and transcriptional regulation sponsored by the NIH Common Fund, Puerto Rico.
2015.12.15 Gal Yaroslavsky graduated and joined Siemans PLM software.
2015.11.6 Bo Zhang won the NIH funded CBIOS (Computation, Bioinformatics, and Statistics) training fellowship!
2015.10.19-21 Dr. Yue co-chaired the First International Epigenomics Conference Shanghai. Many ENCODE and Roadmap PIs attended the meeting and participated in the workshop. Link to the conference.
2015.10.09 Dr. Yue organized and chaired the ENCODE workshop in ASHG, Baltimore, MA. Link to the conference.
2015.07.12 Dr. Yue gave an selected talk in the ISMB 2015 highlight track, Dublin, Ireland. Link to the conference.
2015.06.29 Dr. Yue Co-chaired a three day ENCODE workshop (ENCODE 2015: Research Applications and Users Meeting) at Bolger center Potomac, MD. Click for more details or download the workshop materials!
2015.06 Tarik Salameh won a Penn State CTSI training fellowship!
2015.04.01 Dr. Yue chaired an ENCODE workshop in the Keystone Symposia Epigenomics (Keystone, CO).
2015.03.17 Dr. Yue co-chaired an ENCODE outreach group discussion in the annual ENCODE consortium meeting in CSHL.
2015.02.25 We received a big data initiative award from Penn State CTSI.
2015.02.01 Lin An and Tao Yang, both from Bioinformatics and Genomics Program, joined lab for rotations.
2015.01.15 Cody, Sriranga Iyyanki and Jie Xu, all from Biomedical Science Program, joined lab for rotations.
2014.12.25 Dr. Feng Yue has been named a recipient of the 2015 PhRMA Foundation Research Starter Grant!
2014.10.23 Yanli, the very first graduate student in Yue lab, passed her comphrehensive exam. CONGRADULATION!
2014.06.26 Simon Kuang, a high school student supervised by Dr. Yue, was nominated as Google Science Fair Regional Finalist and as well as a computer science award nominee. Only 90 students were selected worldwide! Here is the link to the award information link . A huge CONGRADULATION to Simon!
2014.06.16 Two talented computer science students, Gal Yaroslavsky and Tyler Derr, have joined lab. Welcome, Gal and Tyler!
2014.06.02 Mark Dear has joined lab for the summer. He is a freshman from Penn State, majoring in Mathmatics. Welcome, Mark!
2014.06.02 Tarik Salameh, a MD/PhD student, has joined lab for rotation. Welcome, Tarik!
2013.10.01 Yue lab opens at Penn State School of Medicine! We welcome our very first student, Yanli Wang, a Md/PhD student in Bioinformatics and Genomics program.