We are actively recruiting graduate students and postdocs who are interested either in bioinformatics or functional genomics. Please email me if you are interested.

We are currenlty supported by R35GM124820 (MIRA Award, PI:Yue), 1R01HG009906 (PI:Yue), R24DK106766 (PI:Ross Hardison), U01CA200060(PI: Ting Wang).

Research Project:

1) Disease-causing variants: investigating the function of non-coding variant in the human genome and how they contribute to diseases such as cancer;
2) Cancer epigenomics: investigate epigenetic marks for certain types of cancer with a hope that it may eventually contribute to drug discovery.
3) 3D Genome Organization: Study the 3D structure of the genome organization by 5C/Hi-C, in particular the interactions between enhancers and their target gene promoters;
4) Use combination of current techniques to detect and validate structual variants in cancer genomes.
5) Comparative genomics: investigate the evolutionary landscape of cis-regulatory elements in the mammalian genome;

Techniques used in the lab

Bioinformatics : Determine TF occupancy, enhancer prediction, differential gene expression, 3D genome organization, GWAS.

Functional genomics: ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, Starr-Seq, Hi-C, Capture-C, CRISPR.